Selling Tips


Prepare early

The first step is to arrange your free property appraisal. Our team of experienced sales agents will help establish a realistic time frame for your the sale of your property and provide advice and instructions to get your property ready.

t be misled

If a property valuation seems too good to be true, it most likely is. The Firm Property Group pride themselves on their reputation for providing honest and realistic expectation of properties sale prices. With our solid track record of accurate appraisals, our team of property sales agents are well-known for their good communication, creative marketing and timely results.

Best time to list your property

Brisbane property buyers are active all year round. There is never a perfect time to list as there are advantages and disadvantages in every instance. Although your property may look more attractive in the warmer months, you will compete with more properties on the market. Whereas during the rest of the year, your property will attract more serious buyers.

First impressions count

Getting your property ready for sale can be the difference between obtaining a standard price and a great price. Even the simplest changes can have a huge impact and surprisingly inexpensive and effortless. Our experienced team of property sales agents will offer you advice on how to best arrange your home so it’s love at first sight for your potential buyers. We can also recommend a variety of services, including handymen, cleaners, gardeners and property stylists.

Get your property ready

Make sure there won’t be any surprises when buyers obtain a building and pest inspection report. Obtain your own inspection report before your first property open and fix any problems that could discourage buyers or reduce their perception of your property’s value.

Make your marketing dollars count

Many agencies will insist on expensive marketing campaigns, sometimes more for their own benefit. The Firm Property Group focus on effective marketing techniques over costly advertising. The interest we generate and the excellent sales results we achieve are proof that those measures aren’t always necessary.

Auction or Private Sale?

When it comes to selling your property, there are three popular methods to choose from:

  • Private Treaty (Sale)
  • Public Auction
  • Public Tender

The Firm Property Group have successfully utilised all three methods and will recommend the best method for your property.